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Mass Comm

Department of Mass Communications

Degrees & Certificates - Click the discipline links below to see course requirements

Radio & Television Broadcasting Journalism Mass Communications
The Mass Communications Dept. prepares students for Radio, Television, Journalism & Broadcasting jobs.

Mass Communications Faculty
Instructor: Chad M. Glen www.kcrhradio.com Radio Broadcasting
Chad Glen KCRH 89.9 FM is an award winning broadcast radio station operated by the Mass Comm Radio students at Chabot College in Hayward, CA.

Serving San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Castro Valley, & Union City, our staff take what they have learned in the classroom & apply it on air.

Build skills in music, production, promotions, news, sports, web design, programming, underwriting/sales,  traffic & public service.

Instructor: Larry Leach www.thechabotspectator.com Journalism
Larry Leach The Spectator is the award winning student newspaper of Chabot College. Incorporating a strong online presence to compliment the print publication, the Spectator helps students learn the world of journalism.

Learn newswriting, reporting, page layout, online journalism, graphics, photojournalism, interviewing, story development, sales & more.

Take on leadership and editorial positions to prepare for the decision making roles in the media industry.

Instructor:  Larry Leach   http://chabottv.com Television Broadcasting

Professor Leach

KCTH 27 is broadcast from the Chabot College campus.

Enroll in Chabot's television production courses & gain access to a state of the art High Definition television studio located on the Chabot campus.

Learn television production and directing as well as camera operation cameras, lighting, audio, teleprompter, floor and technical directing.

Addtional Mass Communications Staff & Faculty
Sujoy Sarkar Chabot TV Professional Specialist / Chief Engineer (KCTH TV 27)
Tom Lothian Television Instructor  
Bret Montana Radio Instructor  

Mass Communications Courses
Mass Communications 1 (Journalism: News Writing and Information Gathering)
Mass Communications 3 (Journalism: Magazine and Newspaper Feature Writing)
Mass Communications 14 (Writing and Photography for a Weekly Publication)
Mass Communications 15 (Publications: Editorial Leadership and Production)
Mass Communications 40 (Introduction to Broadcasting)
Mass Communications 41 (Introduction to Mass Communications)
Mass Communications 42 (Writing for Broadcasting)
Mass Communications 43 (Advertising Sales and Media Management)
Mass Communications 44 (Radio and Television Announcing/Performance)
Mass Communications 50 (Radio Studio Techniques)
Mass Communications 58 (KCRH Radio Experience )
Mass Communications 60 (Television Studio Techniques I)
Mass Communications 61 (Television Studio Techniques II)
Mass Communications 68 (KCTH Television Experience)
Mass Communications 69 (Advanced KCTH Television Experience)
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