Classified Prioritization

Classified Prioritization Process

Classified Prioritization Annual Cycles

Classified Prioritization Committee

A subcommittee of Classified Senate that makes recommendations to Classified Senate and the College President, and collaborates with the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee.


  • Prioritize new classified professional position requests in alignment with the college mission and strategic plan.


  • Oversee and assess the Classified Prioritization Process.
  • Review classified professional position requests submitted through college processes, including but not limited to Program and Area Review, and prioritize requests in alignment with the college mission, the strategic plan, and other associated policies and procedures.
  • Develop forms, tools, and rubric required for ranking requested positions.
  • Recommend classified professional hiring priorities to the College President.

Membership 2018-2019

  • Noell Adams, Classified Senate President
  • Katrin Field, Classified Senate Vice President
  • Heather Hernandez, Classified Senate Senator
  • Karen Metcalf, SEIU Site Vice President & Classified Senate Senator
  • Arnold Paguio, Director of Student Life
  • Rachael Tupper-Eoff, Classified Senate Senator
  • Rochelle Duran, Classified Senate Senator
  • Sarah Flores, Classified Senate Representative
  • Vacant, Academic Senate Appointee