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Course Equivalencies

Students not enrolled at Chabot College should have a counselor at the college that they have attended evaluate inquiries regarding course equivalency for courses taken. Chabot College will make the final determination during the Dental Hygiene application period. It is best to check early to see if your courses are equivalent to Chabot College courses. Counseling appointments should be made well ahead of time, as the Counseling department is very busy at certain times of the year.

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is a statewide numbering system independent from the course numbers assigned by local California community colleges.  A C-ID number next to a course signals that participating California colleges and universities have determined that courses offered by other California community colleges are comparable in content and scope to courses offered on their own campuses, regardless of their unique titles or local course number.  In other words, the C-ID designation can be used to identify comparable courses at different California community colleges.   Not all courses will have C-ID numbers.  See a counselor for assistance in determining course comparability from other colleges.

Course descriptions and prerequisite information are published in the Chabot College catalog. Chabot College catalogs may be purchased at the Chabot College Bookstore in building 3800.

General Education Requirements

Please refer to the Chabot College Catalog section on the graduation requirements.

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